The artists represented in our collection open up a variety of perspectives on the central theme of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse: the "conditio humana", the exploration of the conditions of human existence and its position in the world. Classics of contemporary photography enter into a dialogue with works by young artists. The various artistic approaches to the medium range from photojournalism and documentary photography to more conceptual works and artistic experimentation.

We are continuously committed to further expanding the diversity of forms of expression, perspectives and themes in our collection. Around 160 artists from 35 nations are now part of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse. To enable a deeper engagement with their different visual languages, we always collect in series or groups of works and present the artworks in this form. 

You will find introductory texts on the artists and their works, an overview of all the photographs acquired via the alphabetical index as well as short and informative audio features on selected works.