The Collection

The Art Collection Deutsche Börse is among the most important collections of international contemporary photography, comprising approximately 1,800 works by around 126 international artists. Established in 1999 and dedicated to a variety of central themes of contemporary photography from the middle of the 20th century, it has seen continuous growth. The subjects of the collection range from landscape imagery, portraits, still lifes and interiors to street photography. The inclusion of extensive work groups of documentary and reportage photography in the collection serves to show that the production of museum-quality work does not happen for the art market or museum walls alone. What all works have in common, however, is that they convey the artists’ exploration and contemplations of the “conditio humana”, the conditions of human existence and of people’s ways of adapting to their environment.

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is responsible for the development, presentation and preservation of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse.