Talents 2010

© Friederike Brandenburg

26 May 2011 until 22 July 2011 Deutsche Börse AG, The Cube, Eschborn

Deutsche Börse opens its second special exhibition in its new company headquarters, The Cube in Eschborn, on 26 May 2011, entitled “Talents 2010”. The exhibition shows works by Friederike Brandenburg, Esther-Judith Hinz, Markus Klingenhäger und Andy Spyra.

“C/O Talents” is a promotional programme for young artists and art critics offered annually by C/O Foundation Berlin since 2006. Deutsche Börse is a founding partner of the programme and exhibits the work by the young talents annually in a special joint exhibition. Find more information here.

The theme in 2010 was “Me, Myself & The Others”, which was given diverse treatment by the exhibited artists. While Esther-Judith Hinz goes on a search to locate the notion of “home”, finding it in momentary experiences, Andy Spyra’s expressive black and white pictures tell the story of dynamic stagnation in the perpetually crisis-torn region of Kashmir. Friederike Brandenburg, meanwhile, visualises the paradoxical relationship between beauty and decline, finding traces of civilisation in seemingly untouched natural settings. Markus Klingenhäger presents a sophisticated portrayal of the indigenous people of North America, documenting grinding poverty and dislocation together with dignity and pride.

The exhibition was conceived in partnership with C/O Berlin .