Look At Me

Art Collection Deutsche Börse

© Bettina Rheims

28 June 2013 until 31 August 2013
Deutsche Börse AG, The Cube, Eschborn

Until the end of August, roughly 100 photographs dedicated to the themes portrait and identity from 14 years of the Collection’s history were shown in the exhibition space of The Cube. “Look at Me” visualised the multitude of conscious and subconscious self-staging of the modern individual in a dialogue with the photographer and the observer.

The exhibition, focusing on the pictorial representation of people, presented interesting documents of contemporary history as well as artistic-performative works. The photographic single or group portrait was at the centre of the exhibition’s concept and showed a subjective cross section of identities and the self-perception of different cultures, periods and ethnicities. It accommodates perfectly staged studio photography as well as documentary evidence of youth cultures and intimate reminiscence through photographic conservation of the age process.

The exhibition featured works by Rineke Dijkstra, Slawomir Elsner, Angela Fensch, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Göran Gnaudschun, Evelyn Hofer, Pieter Hugo, Seydou Keita, Nicholas Nixon, Bettina Rheims, Thomas Ruff, Joseph Szabo, Malik Sidibé, Alec Soth, Beat Streuli, Thomas Struth and Tobias Zielony.

“Look at Me” was curated by Anne-Marie Beckmann, curator of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse.


Installation shots "Look at me"

The Cube Eschborn, 2013 © Patrick Raddatz