New Works

Art Collection Deutsche Börse

© Patrick Raddatz

26 November 2012 until 28 February 2013
Deutsche Börse AG, The Cube, Eschborn

The Deutsche Börse showed the Art Collection’s new acquisitions in The Cube’s exhibition space in Eschborn until the end of February 2013. This exhibition united for the first time some 50 works by Diane Arbus, Sibylle Bergemann, Peter Bialobrzeski, Gerd Danigel, Bruce Davidson, Aymeric Fouquez, Ernst Haas, Mirko Krizanovic and Vivian Maier, which were newly acquired in 2012.

The new works represent the thematic openness of the Art Collection: in addition to the contemporary witness to the GDR period of Gerd Danigels, the photojournalism of Mirko Krizanovic and Ernst Haas, Aymeric Fouquez and Bialobrzeski are approaching historically challenging topographies and their changing functions and appearance in their photographs. The purchase of Bruce Davidson and Vivian Maier has added to the Art Collection some important photographers of American popular culture. Diane Arbus’ works have since long become iconic images of popular culture and are now among the classics of photographic modernism.