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Foam Talent Programme

from the series Ghost Island © Lisandro Suriel / courtesy of the artist, Mondriaan Fund and United Nations Decade Fund

"Foam Talent" is an internationally renowned talent program for young artists under the age of 35, which is organised by the Foam Fotografiemuseum since 2007. Through an annual talent call, Foam invites artists who work with the photographic medium to submit their portfolios. From the many submissions, works by 20 outstanding artists are selected to be featured in the Talent issue of Foam Magazine. In addition, the works are shown in an exhibition touring various international institutions. The program allows young artists to present their work to a diverse audience of professionals and the general public.

Foam Fotografiemuseum is a worldwide operating museum for contemporary photography based in Amsterdam. In addition to its extensive, varied exhibition programme, Foam is particularly dedicated to promoting young talent. It also publishes Foam Magazine three times a year, highlighting current trends in the field of photography and offering a platform for up-and-coming talents. Within the scope of its efforts to support and promote young talents, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation has been a partner of the Foam Talent program since 2017.

Each year, works by an artist from the Foam Talent program are acquired for the Art Collection Deutsche Börse as part of the cooperation. In the first year we acquired the work of Weronika Gesicka (PL). The following year (2019) we decided to acquire the works of Maisie Cousins (UK) and Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques (FR) and in 2020, a series of images by Philip Montgomery (US) has been purchased for our Collection.

The Foam Talents of the 15th edition are: Heather Agyepong (UK), Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti (BEL/GHA), Delali Ayivi (TGO/GER), Hajar Benjida (NL/MAR), Daniel Castro Garcia (UK/ESP), Soléne Gün (FR), Tommy Kha (US), Billy H.C. Kwok (CHN), Simon Lehner (AUSTR), Pat Martin (US), Plantation (NGA), Sarker Protick (BGD), Silvia Rosi (IT/TGO), Joey Solomon (US), Leonard Suryajaya (US), Lisandro Suriel (SX), Igor Tereshkov (RUS), Ana Vallejo (COL), Sheng-Wen Lo (TWN) and Bowei Yang (CHN).

More information about the past Foam Talent editions here. You can also visit the Foam Talent 2021 exhibition online.

Goethe Institut Paris

Series "La jeune photographie allemande"

Julian Slagman, Mats, 2021 © Julian Slagman

Exhibition "SUTURE"
Class Broomberg & Chanarin

11 November 2021 to 5 January 2022, Goethe Institut Paris

With the exhibition series "La jeune photographie allemande" we have been focusing on young photographers at universities in Germany and showing current trends in photography together with the Goethe-Institut Paris since 2018. Each year, we give the students of a selected university or academy the opportunity to present their work in an exhibition at the Goethe-Institut Paris. After the photography class of Martin Liebscher of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (HfG) in 2018 and the master students of Heidi Specker of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) Leipzig in 2019, in 2021 we showed works of the photography class of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin of the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK) Hamburg on the occasion of the International Photography Fair PARIS PHOTO. Broomberg and Chanarin are two internationally renowned voices of contemporary photography and together they received the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2013.

In the group exhibition "SUTURE", the artists explored the reconciliatory potential of the medium of photography. This enables a view into the future characterized by empathy and reparation. The artistic positions shown include both sensitive and unsparing attempts to come to terms with personal injuries and social traumas. In a wide variety of approaches, they address the wounds associated with questions of identity and origin and raise the question of what it’s worth living for. The focus is always on the photographic medium itself - its limits, capabilities and opportunities as a means of expression in a changing world. Holding the students' diverse works together is a thread of critical thinking, an examination of the gaze guided by power dynamics, and an abiding unwillingness to accept the world as it is. In addition, a part of the exhibition is a 2020 jointly initiated digital research project. In the context of the pandemic, the students explored the potential of photography in a digital space and the resulting consequences for artists, viewers, and society. The outcome is "IRL", a digital exhibition that, like the exhibition "SUTURE", is to be understood as an attempt by the participating artists to confront the established structures and narratives within which they locate their artistic practice.

The participating artists were: Marc Botschen, Charlie Spiegelfeld, Ann-Sophie Krüger, Kristina Savutsina, CJ Chandler, Sebastian Stern, Alexander Kadow, Esteban Perez, Georg Kußmann, Julian Slagman, Lena Kunz, Razan Sabbagh, Manda Steinhauser, Max Eicke, Luise Hamm, Malin Dorn, Aras Gökten, Janosch Boerckel, Luísa Telles, Eli Singalovski, Sanja Zdrnja, Matthias Rebaschus and Max Schwarzmann.

HfG Fotoförderpreis

Lena Bils in front of her project „Siedlung Westhausen“

In cooperation with the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG), the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents an annual award to an exceptionally talented student of photography. The €2,500 prize for works created by a student during the course of his or her studies is awarded as part of the traditional three-day “HfG Rundgang”, during which the university opens its doors to visitors. Starting 2021, the prize is raised to 3,000 €. One of the works from the accompanying exhibition is selected by a jury whose members are: photographer Barbara Klemm, University Director Bernd Kracke and the Photography Foundation’s Managing Director, Anne-Marie Beckmann. Via this cooperation, the Foundation contributes to the development of photography in the Rhine Main region.

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation has given the HfG Fotoförderpreis 2021 to Lena Bils for her project “Siedlung Westhausen”. In their statement, the jury wrote: "For her series “Siedlung Westhausen”, Lena Bils visited the housing estate from the late 1920s, which, following the Bauhaus idea, consists of very uniform and simply designed houses. In Bils’ works, however, their multi-coloured facades serve merely as a backdrop for the sculptures she creates from the bulky waste found there, which she captures in her photographs. At once playful and careful, she assembles discarded household objects such as drawers, parasols, or picture frames and gives new life to them in their new function as part of a work of art – if only for a brief moment. For as soon as Lena Bils has photographed her objects, each of them is returned to its place to be taken away by a new owner or disposed of. The sculptures in Bils’ photographs thus not only tell of the inhabitants of the Westhausen estate, but also of the “cycle of life” of things and the transience of life. The individual photographs take their titles from those of the respective integrated books. With this poetic observation of everyday life as well as with the large-format work “Wo ist Emmi?” dedicated to her grandmother, Lena Bils convinced the jury."

Lena Bils was born in Würzburg in 1993. She is a trained media designer and has been studying art with a focus on photography at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (HfG) since 2017.


Previous winners:

2020 Verdiana Albano

2019 Dennis Haustein
2018 Jana Bissdorf; honorable mention to Tatjana Vdovenko
2017 Annika Grabold; honorable mention to Laura Brichta
2016 Robert Schittko; special prize to Hosam Katan
2015 Malte Sänger und Rudi Weissbeck
2014 Max Eulitz
2013 Stefan Stark und Pujan Shakupa
2012 Lilly Lulay und Karolin Back
2011 Florian Albrecht-Schoeck
2010 Oliver Dignal

Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe

© Florian Albrecht-Schoeck

The Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe e.V. has been supporting young artists in the Rhine Main region for more than 25 years. The association grants one-year scholarships to talented artists after completion of their studies, an important transitional phase in their career. The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation helps fund the scholarships. In addition, the Art Collection’s curator is a member of the board of trustees responsible for nominating and selecting the artists to be funded. The Foundation also provides continued support to young photographers who were granted the scholarships, for example by presenting their works to the public in special exhibitions at the company’s headquarters The Cube in Eschborn.